The Fairfield Inn in Little Rock, AR, is a 114-room, wood-structure hotel with an indoor pool and kitchen. The domestic hot water is supplied by 13 200,000 btu instantaneous water heaters sending 140-degree water to the kitchen and 110 degree to the rooms. There are two roof-top, fresh-air unites serving the building along with seven split systems serving the common areas. Each room is heated and cooled by a wall-mounted, motion-activated P-Tac unit.

We began this project on July 10, 2018 and just completed it.

Start Date: July 2018
Completed: June 2019
Project Manager: Jason DeBlock
Master Plumber: Mike Shaw
Foreman: Thomas Kennedy
Journeyman Plumbers: Chad Johnson, Curtis Bell, Dave GuaJardo
Apprentice Plumber: Roderick Neal, Ty Oliver, Joseph Cessna, Joseph Samuel

Back row left to right: Roderick Neal, Apprentice Plumber;   Chad Johnson, Journeyman Plumber;   Thomas Kennedy, Journeyman Plumber (foreman)

Middle left to right: Mike Shaw, Master Plumber;   Curtis Bell, Journeyman Plumber;   Ty Oliver, Apprentice Plumber

Front left to right: Joseph Cessna, Apprentice Plumber; Dave GuaJardo, Journeyman Plumber; Joseph Samuel, Apprentice Plumber