Regular HVAC maintenance will ensure your system works properly and transitions smoothly between changing seasons. Follow the tips below to prepare your HVAC system for colder temperatures.

Test Thermostat
Make sure your HVAC system heats properly before cold temperatures set in. Set your thermostat to a desired temperature and monitor how quickly the temperature is reached. If the system takes too long to reach the temperature or never reaches it at all, it’s time to have it looked at by a professional.

Clean Up
Clean heating ducts and remove dust and debris from your furnace blower compartment. This ensures your system functions properly and is blowing out clean air.

Replace Filters
Air filters on your HVAC system should be replaced at least every three months. Dirty filters can cause the system to overwork itself, resulting in poor efficiency and function.

While insulating isn’t a change you can make to your HVAC system directly, it will greatly impact your system’s efficiency. Proper insulation will also help cut down on costly electric bills.