During this project, we are the General Contractor working directly for Frito Lay. We’re replacing 1500 feet of chill water that’s under the roof to on top of the roof and adding a Dehumidifier unit.

This job is located in Jonesboro. It began in November of 2022 and we’ll be finished with it by the end of March 2023.

Mark Ivy has been the Foreman on this 2 Million dollar mechanical job. Pretty much everyone has been all hands on deck since we started.


Adam McLoy – JP

Jimmy Ivy – MP

Tyler Binkley – graduate apprentice

Colton Binkley – graduate apprentice

Quoshon Gillespie – 4th year apprentice

Drake Evans – 4th year apprentice

Oliver McNabb – 4th year apprentice



Left to right: Colton Binkley, Jimmy Ivy, Oliver McNabb, Tyler Binkley | Trent Keller, Project Manager



Left to right: Adam McLoy, Mark Ivy – Foreman | Left to right: Drake Evans, Quoshon Gillespie