This quarter’s spotlight story is on Adam Gushi and Juan Sierra. Both men are 3rd year apprentice plumbers from our Tulsa office. This story is written by project manager, Michael Armer, and foreman and instructor, Joe Dye.

2023 National Craft Competition

Action Inc., Tulsa Apprentice School competed among each other to have the opportunity to make it to the 2023 National Craft Competition. Two Individuals were sent to represent Action Inc., and ABC in this year’s competition.

Carlos Juan Sierra and Adam Gushi were among thousands that competed in the NCC & respective Local Competitions this year to reach the Event in Orlando FL.

The Two competed in Physical plumbing Skills as well as test form competitions within the Plumbing Trade.

Their Instructor Joe Dye, led them to and through this amazing series of events and had this to say about them: “I am so Proud of Carlos & Adam!  They have enthusiasm, always eager to learn, and always take on new challenges! I have no doubt they will make a positive impact on both our trade, and our Action Family.  During the competition, I was very proud to show our two representatives off to everyone at the competition, and talk about what they have accomplished with hard work and dedication to the trade and our company.”

Kudos to both Juan and Adam on a job well done!